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Related post: Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 19:58:32 -0800
From: Jon Hold
Subject: Mike's NutsThis work is copyrighted by the author and may not be used without his
express little lesbian preteen
permission. Private persons and no others are given permission to
have one (1) electronic and/or one (1) printed copy of this work. ASSGM and
Nifty are given permission to archive this work.All the usual disclaimers that are usual apply here. This is a work of
fiction involving sex acts between consenting persons of various ages and
conditions of life. If you can't handle that demand preteen video or if you are not of the
legal age or mindset, go no further but remove this material from your
possession forthwith.If you have faggot sensitivity, you ought not read this story. I'd really
like to hear from some of you with either positive or negative comments. I
have no idea really if I'm bringing any of you pleasure or what it is you'd
like me to write about. I only hear from a few people on each story. I'd
really like to hear from YOU so I'll have some idea how I'm doing. Thanks.I used two returns between paragraphs to simplify formatting for you. This
is a hyphen -. This is an en-dash --. This is an em-dash ---. I wish the
rest of you would get Macintoshes so that I could undressing preteen girls
quit faking it and send
out the real files. Up yours, Bill Gates! [Sorry about that folks, but
I've been needing to get that off my chest for a long time now --- and
Bill's been needing to hear it!]Try to keep in mind that while 42 is the meaning of life, it is not preteen nn summer the
only possible solution and that sexual dimorphism is natures excuse for
being kinky. Jon-----Mike's Nutsby Jon Holdjonholdearthlink.netPart I
Introduction: This another tale told to me by friends (gay AND straight)
that I have converted to the printed word, in my own words, more or
less. Each story is edited and then read by the person who told me the
story. If it meets with their approval (for accuracy) then I publish it.My brother Mike has the longest nuts I've ever seen. I've seen guys with
bigger nuts, heavier nuts, but no one with a sac as long as Mike's. On a
hot day, Mike's nuts swing back and fourth clips of preteens
between and a little below the
middle of his knees.It all started when Mike started to get hair. He and I shared a room and
took baths together and Mike was my big brother. I tagged along wherever he
went and was there, whatever he did. I was sitting on the side of the tub,
waiting my ebony preteen sex turn to get on the pot the first time Mike got his dick and nuts
to fire a load. I thought he was pre teen nudests
dying and ran screaming to get our mom.
She was busy in the kitchen, but Dad came with me to save Mike.Dad saw immediately what had happened and closed the bathroom door. He
asked Mike if he'd liked what happened and Mike said he wasn't sure. Dad
grinned and told Mike and me about the birds and the bees and fucking in
the trees. Once he was pretty sure we understood why Mike shot that white
stuff out of his dick, he told me to give Mike privacy if he wanted it, and
especially if he found some girl willing to let him fuck her. Then Dad
dropped his pants (he didn't wear any underpants, and after that day,
neither did Mike or I. Mom kdis fuck preteen
got mad at Daddy, but he just laughed and gave
Mike and me a big hug and kiss), anyhow, Dad dropped his pants and sat down
on the tub next to me. Mike was still sitting on the pot. Daddy showed us
how he jacked off and both Mike and I mimicked him. Mike shot a whole bunch
of the white stuff, but not nearly as much as Daddy shot. I got a funny
tingling feeling that made me feel preteen erotica sex really weird and Daddy said that best preteen whores
was all
I'd feel until I preteens celebrity nude
was a big boy like Mike and my preteens in boots balls started making cream.Mike and I could hardly wait until after dinner so we could go to our room
and play with our new toy. I played with Mike's weiner. Mike played with
Mike's weiner. We both played with Mike's weiner and just kept pumping out
the cream. Mike said I had to take care of his balls so preteen russia sex
they'd work
good. That nude preteen downloads was the first time I put Mikes nuts into my mouth.We had discovered that preteen video site Mike really liked it when I played with his nuts
while he was jacking off. He REALLY preteens models xxs liked it when I started pulling on his
nuts and it made him cum an extra large load. I was proud of my
accomplishment and, with Mike's guidance and help, I soon became an expert
nut manipulator. Mike was sitting on the side of his bed one morning before
school whacking off. He had his legs spread wide so I could kneel there and
work on best preteens models his nuts while he jerked on himself. Sometimes he played with his
nuts while I played with his stiffie, preteen underage nude
but usually he did the jacking.I was watching Mikes balls move around preteen preteen uncensored in the translucent skin of his sac
as I played with them and noticed a few hairs hot preteen website trying to grow preteen kiddie cunt out of the
smooth skin. preteens naked medical
I liked the hair that was starting to grow above Mike's dick,
but I preferred Mike's nuts to be smooth. Without really thinking about it
I leaned forward and nibbled the three or four small hairs I found with my
sharp little teeth. The feeling of my lips and tongue on his balls brought
Mike off harder than he'd ever cum before. For the next week or so Mike had
me lick and nibble at his nuts every time he jacked off. One day, all on my
own, I started wondering about the nut I was playing with. I opened my
mouth wider and, sure enough, a bunch preteen voyeur nude of skin, nut and all, popped right
into my mouth. Mike told me later that it felt like his ball had caught on
fire. He howled and started cumming all over the place. Daddy stuck his
head in the door and asked if everything was OK. Mike and I both nodded
'Yes'. Daddy just reached over and patted me on the preteen pthc usa
head and told me to be
careful not to bite hard because he wanted grandkids out of those nuts some
day. All three of us laughed. Daddy left, closing the door behind him. Mike
had me keep his nut in my mouth while he beat off two more times. That
night Mike invited me into his bed and I spent the night with his left ball
in my mouth. Almost every night after that I slept with Mike in my mouth.It was more than a year later before the growth of Mike's nuts and my mouth
matched up so I could get both of his nuts into my mouth at the same
time. vombat preteen sex
That sealed it. Having his nuts in my mouth was Mike's favorite
thing. He hairless preteen cunts wouldn't hardly waste his lovely preteen porn
time jacking off unless I was sucking
on his nuts, and he wanted his nuts in my mouth all the time, whether he
was jacking off or not. Daddy helped Mike and me build a platform I could
lay on to do my homework. The platform fit under Mike's chair and we cut a
hole in the seat for his balls. We'd get all our books and papers set
up. Mike would take off his pants and drop his preteens showing vaginas balls down through the
hole. Then preteen hairless pussy I'd get comfortable on my platform and suck Mike's balls while
we did our homeworkAt first it was kind of awkward because I had to keep my head turned to
keep both of Mike's nuts in my mouth. But it didn't take that long before
Mike's balls grew and stretched enough so I could study more comfortable.
We spent hours like that every night.The first time I got to actually taste Mike's cum was one Sunday morning.
Mike and I were in our Sunday-go-to-church suits. Mike had decided that he
needed to get one more nut while we waited for mom and dad to get ready. He
pulled everything out through the fly of his charcoal grey suit and I got
on his nuts while he whacked off. Mom yelled for us just as Mike was
getting his nut. He didn't have anything to wipe the mess off on except our
suits (we were outside the back door of the garage) so I quickly sucked the
goo off his fingers and licked his palm clean while he was putting his dick
and balls back behind his fly. Mike kissed me 'Thank You' and then we ran
to get in our parents car. That day, in the Church's bathroom, preteens pics sex
Mike let me
suck him off for the yellow preteen models first time, both of us pulling and tugging at his
balls until he filled my mouth with his delicious tasting boy juice. I got
to swallow almost every load Mike shot after that. I just couldn't get
enough of Mike's cum, just like he couldn't get preteen nude nymphs enough of me sucking on his
nuts. We were two happy boys.Mike and I knew that our parents loved us. We also knew that Dad knew that
'Boys will be boys'. Mom, on the other hand had 'higher' expectations. If
one of us boys came out of the bedroom in our underpants, she'd turn us
right around and send us back to get dressed, even if all we wanted was a
drink of water or something. Mike and I thought that was pretty petty of
her, especially seeing as preteen nn photo
how we'd already 14 preteen model
put on underpants for her (the
only time we wore underpants anymore). We even had to wear bathrobes going
to and from the bathroom!Mike and little preteen fuck I always bathed together, preteen taboo stories even after we were both teenagers. Mike
would legal preteen sites fill the tub and add the bubble-bath. Then he'd undress me and lift
me into the big old cast iron tub. That tub was really cool because it was
so deep that when we sat down we couldn't even see over the sides. It was
like being in bella nn preteen a private hiding place. In the beginning, I'd have to stand
up and wait for Mike to climb over the side and get in the tub with
me. Then I'd sit on his lap because the water was too deep for preteen nude family
me to sit on
the bottom. It was lots of fun though. We could swim around and play chase
and submarines preteen godddess pictures and all sorts of other water games. Mike would wash me
first, being sure to wash my butthole and under my foreskin just like daddy
did before Mike started washing me. Then I'd help Mike wash himself. He
always let me wash his butthole and under his foreskin. Especially after we
discovered that I liked the taste of the white, cheesy stuff that collected
there. I'd lick it all up while Mike patted my head and told me how good it
felt. I was proud that I could make my brother feel so good.Grandma got sick, so momma went to take care of her. The day she left was
the last day that Mike or I wore any clothes around the house unless we had
company. Dad didn't mind at all and would even get down and wrestle with us
on the living room floor, something mother underground preteen bbs never allowed because "We'd
break all the furniture." Dad would get us both down and tickle us until we
begged for mercy. As soon as he let us up and turned preteen nude ilegal
his back, we'd jump on
him again and we'd wrestle furiously until he was tickling us again --- or
we were all exhausted.One evening Mike and I set up an ambush. When Dad came back to his bedroom
(he and mom had separate bedrooms), Mike and I waited until he had his
bathrobe half off and then we jumped him. He hollared about treachery and
everything, but Mike and pussy rusian preteens
I had him down on his preteen ped links back on the bed where he had
fallen, his arms trapped behind him by his robe. Mike sat on his chest and
told me to get Dad's nuts into my mouth. They were so much bigger than
Mike's I could only fit one of Dad's big nuts into my mouth preteen pubescent girl at a time. As
soon as I had it all the way in my mouth Mike told Daddy to mind his
manners fasion asian preteen or he have me bite Daddy's testicle off. Of course, we'd have never
really done that, but Daddy played along and begged us for mercy and held
still while Mike and me explored his body. Mike really got into yanking
Daddy's monster big hard-on and had me put my mouth over the end of it
before Daddy started cumming so that he wouldn't make a mess. Daddy's cum
was thick and clotted and much stronger tasting than Mike's. There was also
much more of it. But I caught every drop and swallowed it straight down,
licking my lips for any stray taste treats of the wonderful cream when
Daddy finally quit shooting. Mike was so excited that I barely got my mouth
on him in time.We cuddled up and slept with Daddy that night. Mike wanted me to sleep with
Daddy's forced anal preteens nut in my mouth but it was too big to be comfortable and Daddy's
sac wasn't very long so I couldn't get comfortable trying to sleep with a
crink in my neck. Mike finally let me get behind him and get his nuts in my
mouth just like usual, except that Daddy turned me around so that my feet
were up by the headboard. Then Daddy worked one of his big fingers up my
poop chute while he was kissing Mike. I woke up in the morning, happy. A
big smile on my face. My brothers balls in my mouth and my Daddy's fuck
finger still deep inside of my ass. Daddy woke up first. He woke Mike up by
sucking on his dick. I woke up from the feeling in my ass as Daddy frigged
my ass with that big finger of his. I spread my legs so he could get in
there deeper. I sucked Mike's whole sac into my mouth and lay there sucking
with my head in-between maxwells preteen videocollection free preteen his thighs, watching how Daddy sucked his oldest
son. By peeking forward just a bit more, I could see where Mike was trying
to get the head of Dad's big mantool into his mouth. I decided right then
and there that topless preteen angels I could do better than Mike was, and could hardly wait for a
chance to pink pussy preteen prove it. I felt Mike's nuts move around in my mouth and then
Daddy got a big smile on his face as he sucked up Mike's morning cum. Daddy
started shooting into Mike's mouth. His white stuff rika nishimura preteen
blasted out of Mike's
nose and Mike let go of Daddy's dick as he coughed and gagged and tried to
get some air in his lungs. Daddy shot all over his naked preteen females face. I let Mike's sack
fall out of my mouth and was sucking preteen dormida
and licking Daddy's cum off his face
in a hot second! Dad turned to help me and I headed South and licked and
sucked until my Daddy's dick was spotlessly clean.Daddy pulled us both against his chest, kissed us on the forehead and
called us his 'little monsters'. Mike and I hardcore preteen preview each started sucking on Daddy's
tits and playing with the hair on his chest and belly. Daddy swatted our
butts and told magazine models preteen us that he was an old man and for us to leave him alone
before we killed him. We laughed and Daddy swatted preteen asian gallery our butts again and told
us to go get a shower while he got breakfast started.Mike climbed out of Daddy's bed, but I didn't want naked ass preteens to let go of him. I
loved my Daddy and wanted to stay cuddled up next to him forever. Mike put
his hand out and I knew better than to disobey him when he had that look on
his face. Mike took my hand and helped me out of Daddy's bed. Dad laid
there, watching his naked boys closely. I reached between Mike's legs and
pulled his images of preteens nuts back so I could put them in my mouth. Mike was shooting up
then (he reached 6' 5" before his senior year) and my head was just at his
waist level, so I was easy for me to follow him around with his nuts in my
mouth. So Dad watched his oldest son lead his younger brother off to the
bathroom while the little brat was sucking his big brothers wonderful nuts.Mike's Nutsby Jon HoldPart 2
Things went on pretty good after Daddy knew for sure about Mike and me. Dad
didn't mind Mike and me fooling around, and littlegirls preteen model even invited us back to his bed
from time to time when Mom took a trip or something. The best part was that
Daddy taught us how to avoid shocking the neighbors, and he kept Mom
cool. She'd just shake her head and say something about boys being boys,
even when she realized that she never needed to change the sheets on my
bed, because I always slept with my big brother.Actually, THAT was the best part. All of Mike's buddies just took nude gymnast preteen it for
granted that I was going to tag along. And Mike just accepted that I would
always be underfoot. His first day of High School, I didn't show up at home
after school. Dad and Mike finally went looking for me in Dad's car. I was
sitting out in front of the school in the rain. When Dad wanted to know
what I was doing sitting in the rain like a dummy, I just said that I
wasn't supposed to go home without Mike. Which had been the rule as long as
Mike was attending the Jr. High across the street from the grade
school. Dad said that I was a big boy now and could come home on my own and
that it was too far for Mike since the High School was exactly the opposite
direction from our house. I just cried and Mike said he didn't mind, and
after that preteen movies illegal Mike walked all the way to my school to walk me home. Dad just
shook his head and smiled. Mike took Drivers Ed. when he was 15 1/2 and Dad
bought him a car preteen revealing pic
for his sixteenth birthday. For my present Daddy lent me
the money to buy this really cool knob for the steering wheel. It had a
picture of a dancing hula girl, and if you looked at it just right through
the ridged plastic cover, her top came off and showed her boobies. preteen models alisa Mike
liked girls boobies!James, Mike's best friend, came to spend the week-end one time and said
that he wanted to fuck me. He knew that I sucked off Mike all the time and
just thought that was cool for Mike. I'd even sucked preteen insert penis him a few times when
he spent the night with Mike. Then he'd sleep in my bed because I'd be in
Mike's bed under the covers, sucking on his nuts like usual. Mike's nuts
were almost down to his knees by that time from all my sucking and pulling
and stretching, and he loved showing them off His balls were bigger than
Dad's, and looked right at home in that long sack. James thought Mike's
nuts were awesome and liked pulling on them while I was sucking Mike
off. James liked to talk dirty the whole time we were doing it as well.Mike and I weren't too sure about fucking. I'd thought of it, but mostly
about getting to watch while Mike fucked some girl. James assured us that
he knew all about preteen galleries underage
fucking, so we finally agreed to let him show us how to
do it. James started models nude preteens
by having me lay down on my belly on Mike's bed. Then
he told Mike that the first thing you have to do is, "warm the bitch up!" I
wasn't sure I wanted James calling me a bitch, but I didn't say anything
right then."Then you got to lube her hole up!" James declared, spitting on two fingers
and wiping them quickly down across my hole.I started to object to James calling me a girl, but Mike shook his head
'No', early preteen bbs
so I kept quiet.James pushed my legs apart preteen african porno and got up on the bed on his knees. He laid down
across my back and talked dirty while he fumbled around trying to find pre teen lovlies my
hole with his four inch boner. As soon as James felt my hole he jammed his
stiff bone into me as hard as he could.I groaned in pain and struggled to get away from James. He just jammed his
dick into me even harder and I almost passed out. Mike pulled James off me,
punched him in the eye and told him to go home. Mike tried to get me sweet wet preteen to
stop crying but it just hurt too much, so Mike went and got Dad. latina girls preteen Mike
explained what had real preteen pos
happened while Dad examined me. Dad put some greasy
lotion stuff on my butt that sort of numbed japanese preteen pussies it, and gave me a cold rag to
hold on my butt until it felt better. Then he pulled down Mike's pants and
started spanking him. Dad NEVER spanked us. But this time he said he wanted
to make sure Mike understood how bad James had hurt me. Mike didn't even
try to stop Daddy. He just took his spanking and then apologized to me
before Dad even asked him too. Dad took me to bed with him and made Mike
sleep alone, the first time since I was born. Mike said later that he
didn't sleep all night.A week later, Daddy sent Mommy off to her sister's for the week-end and
took me and Mike to his bed where, once I told him that I did want Mike to
fuck me, he taught Mike how to fuck me the right way.Dad started off by talking about different kinds of lubricants and how they
worked and felt. Vasaline, butter and the other oily lubricants that were
slick, but that weren't safe to use with rubbers. preteens sex site Then Dad showed us some
water-based lubricants and some different preteens vintage nude
kinds of rubbers, letting us see
what they felt like against our cheeks and tongues. When he showed us some
ribbed ones I started giggling but Mike got a serious look on his face and
I started imagining what that thing would feel like inside of me. forbidden preteen movies Me and
Mike grinned at each other and I knew that Mike was going to let me find
out what it felt like. Daddy showed us where he kept his supply of rubbers
and told us to help ourselves any time we needed illegal preteen xxx
one. Then he made us
promise always use a rubber, except with each other and whoever we
married. That was before AIDS, but Daddy told us about herpes and gonorrhea
and syphilis, and his descriptions was all it took to convince the both of
us.Then Daddy showed Mike how to get me all lubricated and loosened up and
"hot to trot" at the same time. The feeling of Mike and Daddy's fingers
going in and out of my butt got me wound up pretty tight and I started
demanding that Daddy let Mike fuck me. Daddy just laughed and swatted my
butt. "That's how girls get too, Mike. You've got to remember that you're
the man and that child preteen sex makes you the boss during sex. That doesn't mean you
shouldn't pay attention to your partner, or not let them take the lead
sometimes, just that it is your responsibility as the 'Top' to keep overall
control naughty nn preteens of the situation and make sure that everyone involved enjoys
themselves."While Daddy and Mike kept fingerfucking me, Daddy told Mike all about Tops
and Bottoms, dominants and submissives; about how to bring enjoyment to
others as well as to himself; and how to keep everything safe for
everyone. By the time Dad was done lecturing I'd had 'the tingles' twice
and my hole felt wide open from the finger preteen amaters fucking I'd been getting. Daddy
could get two of his asian preteen incest
big fingers into me and Mike could get three, and
almost four, into me at the same time. What felt the best though was one of
Daddy's long fingers pushing on the button inside of me while two of Mike's
fingers slid around while pushing and pulling at my hole. Feeling both Dad
and Mike inside of me at the same time was making free porn preteens me crazy and I swore to
myself that someday I'd make both Dad and Mike fuck me at the same time
with their dicks (little did I know that Mike's dick nude blonde preteen would be even bigger
than Dad's by then).Dad then had me lay on my back with Mike holding my legs back. Dad lubed up
Mike's ivory pestle for him and then guided nonude bikini preteen Mike to my preteen porn pictures
hole. Mike looked
down into my eyes, and I looked up right into his eyes. Daddy, the bedroom,
the whole world disappeared when amsterdam preteen models I felt my big brother push against my
hole, asking for permission to enter. I smiled and relaxed and Mike entered
me. Mike barely got all the way inside of me when he started
cumming. Humping and hawing and groaning to beat the band, Mike lost it
when he felt his sperm shooting inside of me --- and preteen tiny pictures I actually came for
the first time. Not white stuff like Daddy and Mike, but clear stuff
actually came out of my dick in small hd preteen models
spurts. It burned and sort of hurt,
but Daddy was ecstatic as he beat off and shot his sperm all preteen tits pics over his two
boys in nonnude preteen asians congratulations.When we all quit shaking and groaning we started laughing. Like we had some
sort of special joke just between us and could hardly keep it secret. Daddy
kissed us both, gave us an armload each of lubricants and rubbers and told
us to go to our bedroom and preteen magazine fashion
practice, warning Mike not to make me too sore
or to wear his bikini preteen supermodels dick off. We just laughed at Dad's silliness and ran off to
our bedroom.Mike was fucking me for about the high resolution preteens tenth time that day when Daddy knocked on
the door and then brought in a tray with our dinner. Mike and I said thanks
and went right back to fucking. Mike had me down on my back and was really
socking it to me good. Daddy sat down on my bed and beat off while he
watched Mike fuck preteen amelia sexy me. When he came he shot all over us again which made
Mike cum and I had another of the illegal preteen undreage tremendous orgasms that Mike was teaching
me to have inside of me instead of with my dick the way he did.When we rested a little, naked preteens nude
Dad told us how proud his was of how much we both
seemed to have learned. Mike told Daddy that he and I had talked and
decided that he was a Top and that I was a Bottom. Dad was worried that we
were deciding that too young and getting too fixed in our ways, but Mike
showed Daddy his butt, where I'd fucked him. Daddy grabbed us both and
pulled us up into his lap and hugged and kissed us both and told us how
proud he was of us.Mike and I live in a duplex now with our wives and kids. Our master
bedrooms russia preteen erotica
have an door cut through the wall between them. Some of my kids
look like Mike, and if some of Mike's look surprisingly like me,
well... after all, we are brothers, aren't we. The kids sleep pretty much
wherever they want too and know that their dads and moms don't mind if they
play around a little. When Grandpa comes to visit he screws his sons at
least as often as he does their pthc forbidden preteen wives and has given each of his beloved
daughter-in-laws at least one child each. We know, because youngest preteen boy
Mike and I held
back and made sure they were his. I still work on Mike's sac and he loves
to have me stretch him out tight with my sucking mouth while he's fucking
one of our wives. I especially like to have Mike fuck me while I'm
screwing one wife or the other, and he happily helps me out at least
several times a week. Hopefully, some day the rest of the world will be as
happy as we are.Characters: 18464
Words: 4575
Avg Word Length: 4
Sentences: 246
Avg Words/Sentence: 18
Max Words/Sentence: 53
Lines: 395
Paragraphs: 41
Pages: 9
Flesch Reading Ease: 83
Reading Grade Level: 8
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